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Top Fall Paint Trends For Walls, Cabinets, And Trimming For Home Remodeling

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

A new paint coat is the easiest and fastest way of revamping the home because that’s all you need to create a new look for your home. This fall, the new paint trends continue as homeowners are constantly looking for ways to amp up their homes before the holiday season kicks in.

While some colors are getting popular, the colorful ceiling and contrasting trimmings are also on the rise. So, it doesn’t matter if you want a paint pick-me-up or want to renovate your entire home to change its look, we are sharing some paint options that will be a breath of fresh air for your home. Having said that, are you ready to see the trends in soothing shades?

Dover White

This is one of the most popular white paint hues and instantly adds a sense of simplicity, freshness, and cleanliness to the home. It looks like a blank canvas and many people take it as a symbol of a fresh start. It’s associated with peace and purity and adds a sense of space to the home. In addition, it can be used to add highlights and you can create contrast.

It can absorb light with an LRV of 83, making it an apt choice for painting full rooms. It’s a warm neutral color and can be used for staging if you want to sell the home – it’s a perfect choice for highlighting the architectural elements of the home. On top of everything, it has warmer undertones, so you can create a cleaner appearance without looking too stark!

City Loft

It’s a soft and light-toned paint with a cozy and warm appearance. It’s a light paint color from the white and pastel collection by Sherwin Williams. It’s a fine combination of green, greige, and gray, and many people see these undertones in the paint. Truth be told, it’s a chameleon color, so you’ve to be careful about the lighting.

It’s a neutral and soft greige paint with an LRV of 70. It’s a warm color but doesn’t feel too warm, given that there is not enough gray in it. In fact, it has a taupe undertone which promises the softest purple or pink undertones. However, they can seem washed-out in bright rooms while dark rooms make them look dingy and dull, so focus on adding warm lighting to the room!

Repose Grey

As the name suggests, this is a grey but not full-blown grey – it has a taupe undertone, which makes it a fine mixture of purple, brown, gray, and greige (the purple is in minute amount though). It’s a warm grey color but it’s on the cooler side, given the blue and purple hint. How the color finally looks depends on lighting – natural light works great.

There are hints of blue and purple in the paint and is perfect for sprucing up the kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, trims and moldings, living rooms, and kitchen cabinets. Topping it all, it’s a versatile paint and makes a stunning backdrop for different decorations. The flat finish looks amazing on walls while the eggshell finish looks amazing on the cabinets.

Snow Bound

It’s soft and warm white paint and is perfect for people who get south-facing light and get warm sun in the afternoon. However, the north-facing light might make the paint look dull without creating a stark or icy cold appearance. It has an LRV of 83, which makes it a softer white color with limiting undertones. It has a slight taupe undertone.

When used correctly and in the right environment, it adds passive warmth to the home and has a slight hint of a creamy hue. However, don’t even think about using yellow with this hue of white because it’s going to create a poor reaction. Still, it looks pretty amazing with stonework.

Agreeable Gray

It’s one of the best greige colors that goes with anything – it’s a pretty color but you’ve to use it in the right way. It looks amazing in the bedrooms, especially on the hard finishes. It’s a promising choice for people who want a cleaner look but white is too much for them – it looks friendlier and warmer. It’s a bit darker as compared to other trending colors and is apt for residential rooms!

So, which of these colors will you choose for your home this fall?

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