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The Ultimate Way Of Using Glass-Front Cabinets In Kitchen

The Ultimate Way Of Using Glass-Front Cabinets In Kitchen

You wake up and go to the kitchen to make yourself a nice cup of coffee. You come home and go to the kitchen to have a glass of water. In simpler words, the kitchen is one of the most used areas of a home, which means it should be decorated to perfection. For the longest time, kitchens have been designed with wooden cabinets, but it’s time to revamp your kitchen and opt for glass-front cabinets.

These glass-front cabinets will be a welcoming addition to your design and are perfect if you want to break the monotony of those wooden cabinets. The glass-front cabinets add the impression of airy, open, and appealing kitchen space. So, if you want to design your kitchen with glass-front cabinets, we have some inside details!

Why You Must Switch To Glass-Front Cabinets?

The glass-front cabinets are trendy and add depth, which helps create an illusion of a bigger kitchen. In addition, you can add seasonal décor to add a pop of color and leverages light to create a reflective addition to the kitchen. These cabinets are an apt alternative to open-shelf cabinets without compromising on aesthetics and functionality.

How To Infuse Glass-Front Cabinets In Kitchens?

The glass-front cabinets are available in various textures, but there are some trends that have caught everyone’s attention and will look absolutely amazing in your kitchen as well;

Reeded Glass To Elevate The Kitchen

Sure, you can use plain glass in the cabinet doors, but one can see right through them, which means they are only suitable if you want to put up seasonal décor or decorative dishes. However, if you want to store the regular kitchen utensils and crockery, you can opt for reeded glass panels. The reeded glass offers the aesthetic appeal of glass while camouflaging the kitchenware. The reeded glass has vertical lines of repetitive pattern, which makes the kitchen appear bigger.

Water Glass For A Splashing Look

The water glass is another amazing option and is known for a non-linear and complex pattern, which makes it suitable for traditional as well as contemporary kitchens. However, it might be a bit more transparent, so you’ve to be careful about the display. In case the backsplash, countertop, and floors have a complex pattern, the water glass pattern in the cabinets will look amazing. In fact, it’s recommended that you opt for glass door kitchen appliances in the kitchen to create clarity of design.

Clear Glass For Clean & Pure Vision

The clear glass is preferred by the majority of homeowners during remodeling and is perfect for farmhouse-style, modern, and traditional kitchens. However, when you choose clear glass, you’ve to show what’s inside the cabinets, so you need to maintain the dishes. Honestly, when maintained properly, clear glass cabinets will help accentuate the kitchen.

The Right Place In Kitchen To Install Glass-Front Cabinets

There is no hard and fast rule where these cabinets can go in the kitchen, as it’s all about finding the perfect place. However, the majority of people use these cabinets for specialty areas of their homes, such as corner displays for china and dining bar areas. The second option is to use glass inserts in the upper cabinets as they create an accent point.

Another option is to put the cabinets right next to the glass door or window as the glass surface will be able to reflect the natural sunlight that passes through the windows, which results in a brighter and bigger appearance of the kitchen.

The Shelving Options

When it comes down to shelving in the glass-front cabinets, you’ve to be careful about the shelves you choose. For instance, if you have added lighting in the cabinets and opt for wooden shelves, the light won’t be transmitted to the bottom shelves. For this reason, you must have glass shelves in case of lighted cabinets. On the other hand, if there is no lighting, you can use wooden shelves to create a contrast between the exterior and interior.

The Bottom Line

The glass-front cabinets are pretty amazing if you want to create modern aesthetics in the kitchen. However, the fingerprints and smudges are evident, so make sure you indulge in regular maintenance to keep the glass shiny and clean.

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