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Top 6 materials to use for fireplace surrounds & fireplace looks in 2022

With winter coming, more and more time is spent in the house wrapped around the fire. But you don't want to be surrounded by an old-fashioned fireplace.

It must be beautiful, stylish, and radiant. The material used for the fireplace surround plays an important role. There are many options to choose from. We have mentioned the top 6 materials to use for fireplace surrounds & fireplace looks in 2022.

Top 6 materials to use in Fireplaces

Everyone loves the look of an elegant fireplace, but not all homes are equipped with the right materials around them. The fireplace has been a very comfortable place in the home for centuries. It can be decorated in any arrangement using the best materials in the trends of 2022. From the height of the firebox vent to the shape of the fire,

1- TILE –Frameless Fireplaces

Frameless Fireplaces are in top trend that uses tile and marble surrounds Material.

This design of fireplace is mostly surrounded by marble, tile, or stone decoration.

Tile is an excellent way to build a distinctive fireplace surround. You can use any color and shape according to your taste. Tile in fireplace surrounds gives an elegant and luxurious look. It can be a way to have valuable features built in that looks more expensive than their actual cost.

For example, a fireplace surrounded by marble is more expensive than tiles but tile also gives a more elegant look as does marble.

2-STEEL–D Front Fireplace

In Modern Fireplaces, Steel is one of the most favored materials surrounds these days. Steel comes in a variety of finishes, so it's an excellent fit for many interiors. A complete steel-clad fireplace wall gives an impressive appearance. Applying texture to this ordinary material during construction ensures a unique look.

3-WOOD— Open Masonry Fireplaces

These fireplaces are open and usually made of . Wood adds a classic touch to the fireplace. When designing a fireplace surrounding, wood is not an issue as long as the body is built properly. Several people are huge fans of wood materials. If you are one of them, then using the wood surrounding your fireplace is the best choice for you—- plus It is also in trend these days

4-CONCRETE—Board-formed fireplace

Concrete fireplaces offer a wide selection of styles from old to modern. Concrete around the fireplace brings a modern feel to the interior with clean lines and natural finishes & it warms the place because it absorbs the heat emitted from the fire. It is a durable material that makes it ideal for fireplaces & a wide range of colors and shades create a distinctive look to your place. Two-sided concrete fireplaces are also in trend these days. With a double-sided concrete fireplace, you can feel comfortable in your cozy fireplace in two rooms.


A combination of wood and bricks is a trendy fireplace surround that looks enduring. The brick adds up more classic distinction to the newly painted fireplace and surround.

It's time to Say goodbye to white and off-white colors & color your fireplace surround a bright color & watch your room go from good to excellent.

6-STONE–River Rock

Another top trendy fireplace Material on our list is stone

The design of the river fireplace looks like running water. These fireplaces are still in fashion despite their simple design

A stone fireplace surround adds elegance to a modern interior. Stones help to diffuse heat, heat the interior quickly, and keep it cozy for a long period. It surrounds your fireplace in a variety of styles to create a distinctive and comprehensive design.

Regardless of the season, A fireplace is an excellent cozy escort to any home. Having a fireplace in the home is an excellent thing, especially on colder days. The fireplace is not just an origin of heat, It plays an integral role in repressing your sense of fashion.

Therefore choose wisely when you are in search of a fireplace for your home or Your office.

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