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5 Outdoor Oasis Essentials For Your Backyard

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

5 Outdoor Oasis Essentials For Your Backyard

Summertime is in full swing and so is Modern Design and Remodeling. We specialize in outdoor renovations and guide you through the backyard transformation process. From choosing materials in our display showroom to bringing your Pinterest mood board to life, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a spritzer because you’ll soon kick back, relax, and enjoy your newly built outdoor paradise.

Check out our oasis checklist below for inspiration and guidance in customizing your one-of-a-kind dream outdoor experience.

  1. Covered Patio - Texas heat is at its peak with temperatures reaching triple digits. To stay chillin in the scorching sun, consider a covered patio for optimal shade coverage. A fan or two will provide an artificial breeze when mother nature refuses to do so. Consider a day bed or couch swing to maximize comfort. Surround sound will have you jamming all summer long and the addition of a flat-screen TV will make for cozy movie nights under the stars. Don’t forget your popcorn!

  2. Dining Area - Outdoor family meals are sure to create tender core memories. A large dining table at the center of your outdoor space will be the foundation of every at-home dining experience. If you’re feeling fancy, consider a chandelier to upgrade your light fixture and give the space a luxurious feel.

  3. Kitchen - It’s time to sport your apron and chef’s hat because no outdoor dining area is complete without a kitchenette to prep five-star meals and enticing beverages for your guests. An ice machine provides convenient access to chill your favorite adult and kiddie cocktails. Be sure to include a built-in grill in your renovation so the designated grill master can turn the flame up on your sizzling summertime steaks. From preparation to presentation, your snack foods, main course, saucy sides, and decadent desserts will compliment your new quartz, granite, or marble countertops. Select from our custom line of cabinetry featuring 50 colors, styles, and finishes. Complete your space with a sink and dishwasher for easy after-dinner cleanup.

  4. Firepit – Cool summer nights scream smores. When temperatures and the sun go down, firepit flames go up for good conversation and a nightcap. A custom stone walkway and torched lanterns leading to a firepit lounge will have you craving this traditional summertime dessert. Snag a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, honey graham crackers, and a bag of jumbo marshmallows because it’s about to get lit.

  5. Décor – What’s a newly built patio without the addition of planters and greenery to fill the empty spaces? Sprinkle your go-to spot with rugs and pillows to show off character and charm. String lights set the mood after sunset for a peaceful ambiance or try color-changing LED lights for the people who like to party.

This summer is all about you, leave the details to us. For a glimpse of your customized backyard oasis, book your consultation today and enjoy the remainder of summer perched in paradise.

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